Down Payment Assistance

Homebuyer DPA Are you currently renting a home or an apartment? Depending on where you live Orlando, or Florida, one months rent is approximately a mortgage payment! Why not invest in yourself and build equity, rather than investing in your landlord’s wealth?

What Down Payment Assistance Programs Exist?

Depending on where in Florida you live, there are several programs out there for you in and around Orlando and FL. Certain Down Payment Assistance programs offer different incentives to applicants. Some counties may also offer assistance associated with closing costs as well. Depending on where you might be looking to purchase a home (whether Deltona, Orlando, Sanford, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Leesburg, or Ocala, Florida) there are programs throughout the entire state of Florida that offer assistance from as low as $5,000 to upwards of $45,000 for eligible buyers.

How Does Down Payment Assistance Work in and around Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas?

Down payment assistance is available for everyone and helps out with the upfront costs of buying a home. For example, the Orange County Government provides assistance to qualified first time homebuyers for down payment and closing costs associated with their home purchase. We help home buyers looking to purchase a home in other counties throughout Florida as well, such as, Marion County Down Payment Assistance in Florida, Osceola County Down Payment Assistance in Florida, Lake County Down Payment Assistance in Florida, Seminole Down Payment Assistance in Florida, Polk County Down Payment Assistance in Florida, and so many more. Some counties do require that you use a lender on their preferred lender list, so contact us to see if we are listed in your specific county down payment assistance program preferred lender list.

Am I Eligible for Down Payment Assistance?

There is a process behind applying for a down payment assistance program. Applicants are encouraged to apply. Different counties throughout Florida have different program eligibility requirements, however, that is why working with the right professional who knows the programs well enough is important for you. Certain restrictions may apply. Knowing the amounts of assistance for down payment and how they vary is also important. Some counties will determined your eligibility based on your household income and size. There are also minimum FICO score requirements, and minimum or maximum sales price limits for new and existing homes purchases. Some county’s also have program restrictions on the types of homes that are eligible. And a Homebuyers Education Course is also Required. So it is important that you contact us for more details.